Technology at the service of innovation

We are a leading system development company and professional IT service provider in operation since 1999, undergoing a strong process of expansion into Latin America.

Currently, we set the standard in technology solutions for insurance management in Banks, Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies, accounting for more than 50% of the market of Argentine banks that sell insurance policies through i-SOL®️. We provide professional assistance to small and medium-sized organizations by providing software that has been bespoke developed to cover all their needs, enabling a fast and efficient management of their IT infrastructure with realistic investments.

We operate throughout Argentina from our Head Office in the province of Cordoba, where our own building is located. In addition, we have sales offices in the City of Buenos Aires and in Santiago, Chile.

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We have an experienced team that is fully trained in Information Technology. We undertake our tasks with a total commitment to results.

Technological Innovation

We look to innovate in everything we do in response to the changing market requirements. We investigate, analyze and apply the latest developments in the sector.

International Quality Standards

We use Agile Methodologies for developing new projects and work with process improvement models, offering international-standard quality.

Client Satisfaction

We integrate tailor-made technology solutions, optimizing costs and resources. This has earned us multiple recognitions and recommendations from our clients.

Leadership Team

The company is integrated by people with vast experience in the insurance business and project management.

Mauricio A. Kravetz


Daniel Horovitz


Mariano H. Kravetz

Marketing Manager

Claudio Dré de Castro

Product Manager

Alianzas estratégicas

En función de nuestro compromiso con la calidad de los productos y servicios que ofrecemos, desarrollamos sinergias de trabajo y convenios de representación con los principales líderes del mundo de la tecnología.