Technology at the service of innovation

We are a leading system development company and professional IT service provider in operation since 1999, undergoing a strong process of expansion into Latin America. Currently, we set the standard in technology solutions for insurance management in Banks, Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies.


years of experience

Insurance Platform

i-SOL is a highly customizable proprietary development aimed at meeting all the needs of Insurance Brokers and Bank Assurance. The quality of our product and support has earned us the top position in the Argentine market, with more than 15,000 active users and portfolios with millions of insurance policies.

Virtual Assistant

A client-centered chatbot emulates the service offered by a human agent. It is able to understand questions and carry out a variety of transactions, such as quotation and sale of insurance coverages, quickly and easily. The chatbot comprehensibly interacts with i-SOL and is equipped with Machine Learning technology that allows for ongoing “training” of the Virtual Assistant.